Thematic lines

Thematic Lines
LT1 – Theory and practice of emblematic forms: Andrea Alciato and the tradition of emblems; emblematic strategies for the relationship between texts and images; particularities of the national and local emblems;
LT2 – The relationship between emblems and other symbolic forms: historical devices or imprese, hieroglyphs, allegories, heraldry, sigillography, medals and numismatics…
LT3 – Classic, biblical, medieval and contemporary themes in the emblematic tradition or visual culture;
LT4 – Emblems, hermeticism and alchemy;
LT5 – Emblems and other forms of artistic expression: early-modern festivals, architectural spaces, sculpture, painting, decorative arts;
LT6 – Emblems and literature; literary subgenres in emblematic compositions: allegorical literature, bestiaries, fable books;
LT7 – Emblems and printing. The production and reception of emblem books: authors, publishers, printers, engravers, translators and commentators, editorial history;
LT8 – The uses of iconography: iconography of power, urban iconography, Masonic iconography…
LT9 – Iconography, emblematic and devotion.
LT10 – The presence of emblems and visual culture: photography, advertising, film and audio-visuals, comics, performances;
LT11 – Emblem books, visual repertoires and digital humanities: digitization, databases, websites;
LT12 – Presentation of projects, doctoral theses and ongoing research on visual and emblematic culture;
LT13 – Analog and digital editions of emblem books.