S. 7.1. – Maritime archeology and early modern shipwrecks

01 Jul 2020

S. 7.1. – Maritime archeology and early modern shipwrecks

Chair: TBA

Alexandre Monteiro (Instituto de Arqueologia e Paleociências, FCSH-UNL)/Ana Almeida (Divisão de Cultura, C. M. Esposende)/Filipe Castro (ShipLab, Nautical Archaeology Program – Anthropology Department, Texas A&M University)/Ivone Magalhães (Divisão de Cultura, C. M. Esposende)/Maria João Santos (Instituto de Arqueologia e Paleociências, FCSH-UNL)/Miguel Martins (University of Wales Trinity Saint David)/Tânia Casimiro (Instituto de Arqueologia e Paleociências, FCSH-UNL) – Belinho 1 Shipwreck: A probable 16th century ship lost at Esposende, Portugal

Mikko Huhtamies (Docent, University of Helsinki, Unit of History) – Danger at sea Shipwrecks and risk management in the Gulf of Finland 1400–1920. History and maritime archaeology project with 3D modelling.

Gaëlle Dieulefet (Nantes University, CReAAH-LARA) – The Coffee Wreck in Colonial Trade. History and Archaology on New Discovery in North Atlantic.